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Hi! I’m Hannah. I’m the girl behind the lens of HZ Photography. And I take my role in capturing your moments seriously. I understand how intimidating it can be to look for the right photographer. Choosing someone to capture your memories is like starting a new relationship. So let me tell you a little about me.

I grew up in Holland, Michigan. I always thought I was a Midwest girl destined for the big city. Well, I tried it. I spent my first year after college in New York City working as the Creative Director for a startup in the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship. It was everything I needed to prepare to be my own boss and it inspired me to do just that. I am eternally grateful for those who invested in me early on, encouraging me to live my passion now.

I paired those experiences in the Big Apple with my love for photography and decided to bring my camera back to the Midwest, where I built my own business. Now, I’m entrusted with capturing big milestones: weddings, first birthdays, senior year, engagements, product launches, and everything in between, from Mexico to Manhattan to Michigan.

My photography philosophy is lighthearted and playful. It’s artistic yet worthy of a place on Grandma’s fridge. I believe every photoshoot should be an experience that is confidence-boosting and supremely fun. That’s why you’ll find me cheering you on as I walk you through every second of the photoshoot. And in turn, every image is a true reflection of who you are. Because the images shouldn’t be just pictures. They are postcards of a moment in time.