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I am a creative director and photographer, passionate about capturing the essence of a person or product's spirit through my work. I grew up in West Michigan, attended college in South Bend, Indiana, and spent some time in New York City before moving to Holland, Michigan. 

I picked up a camera in high school and have not put it down since, falling more and more in love with storytelling through imagery every step of the way. For over five years, I have produced lifestyle photography for individuals and brands, from Mexico to Manhattan to Michigan, expanding into graphic design and brand development.

Whether I am capturing a first birthday, editorial story, or brand new product, I am dedicated to creating something that reflects the unique energy of the person behind the picture.

I focus on going far beyond the lens, garnering a deep understanding of who the subject of the image is at their core. I could be sitting next to you on a plane or in a meeting with you in a corner office. Either way, by the end of our conversation, I'll know your grandmother's middle name and in turn, that knowledge will ensure the images are not just pictures but postcards of a moment in time.